High Elf Wizard, Ex-Academic


Lia grew up with the high elves and like all elven wizards, was sent to the Academy of Magic. She made a couple of friends and was an adequate wizard, not great like her friends.

One friend, Clio, got into the darker side of magic and refused to listen to Lia’s pleas to stay on the light side. Lia and her friend Tiasa tried to intervene when Clio would sneak out to use dark magic, but it was no use.

One night, Clio snuck out to do a dark ritual and Lia followed with Tiasa. When they arrived at the ritual site, Clio had failed to perform the ritual correctly and lay dead on the floor. The professors of the academy arrested Tiasa for Clio’s murder and left Lia alone because they knew she wasn’t capable of such great magic. Lia was so angry at Tiasa for not stopping Clio that she didn’t tell the professors the truth.

She also blamed herself for not being able to help her friend and to this day considers Clio to be her first kill. She quit the Academy and trained herself to use her magic to kill professionally. She’s been alone and on the road ever since.


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