Human Cleric of the Order of the Phoenix


Naruto is from a small village that everyone knew everybody. His parents were thought highly of in the village. In the middle of Naruto’s birth, there was a problem. Naruto’s mother, Hinata was dying. The head doctor of the village wasn’t able to figure out why she was dying. Naruto‚Äôs father, Kakashi had to make a rash decision to save his wife and his son. He performed a forbidden ritual. In order for it to work, he needed to sacrifice something of equal or greater value. In turn he sacrifices himself. Even with his sacrifice, it wasn’t enough to save Hinata, but enough to save Naruto.

Growing up, Naruto became the outcast due to his fathers actions. While growing up he has strange dreams of a fiery bird talking to him. Naruto feels it has something to do with the forbidden ritual, that somehow its connected to the bird. Naruto soon realizes that this is the God of knowledge, The Phoenix. To prove to his village and make right with his name, Naruto set off to his own quest and joins the Order of the Phoenix.


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