Dwarven Pirate


Sebastian grew up in the dwarven community of a small mountain village in Celestine. His father worked as a smith for a forge that built cannons for Consortium naval ships. While Sebastian easily mastered his father’s craft, he yearned to be on the high seas himself.

When he came of age, he joined the local Consortium fleet. He had many adventures tracking down Orc raiding parties, and protecting trade ships, eventually rising to the rank of First Mate aboard ‘Black Fog’, a consortium frigate.

One fateful day his captain, an unfeeling tyrant, ordered the ship to fire on an Orc village that was thought to be harboring marauders. Sebastian, never wanting to disappoint, complied with the order. When he and and an exploratory party of sailors were sent to survey the damage, Sebastian saw for himself the destruction that he had caused; dead women and children.

Determined to right his wrong and stop other such slaughters, Sebastian made an impassioned speech to the men he was on shore with, and together, the group of them overtook the Fog, becoming pirates who fought for liberty and gold.

When the millennium came, the seas became a much more dangerous place. The Black Fog fell victim to a horrible sea creature, Sebastian and the few men who survived washed ashore and sought protection where they could. Hearing of the possibility of safe respite at the Bastion of Celestine, Sebastian decided to strike out on his own to seek safety, and perhaps, a normal life as well.


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