Human Ranger of the Wise Wolf


Thonion’s tribe was 1 of 5 in a small band of about (1200) people.Thonion’s tribe followed the Wise Wolf, and in her footsteps became excellent trackers and hunters and strong warriors. Out hunting his home was attacked and most were killed by rivaling tribes. the remaining had mostly abandoned their homes and fled for the cities or merged into other tribes.

Thonion watched as the few that remained were killed or converted by ruthless filthy monks and their hit men paladins and dragged off to follow a new pantheon of gods. Thonion was looking for the Wise Wolf to get her blessing to exact revenge on those who caused the deaths of his clansmen and make his tribes name rise into the heavens as respected men. Thonion is well adapted to living off the land but since the destruction of his home the Wise Wolf has been adjusting Thonion to the ways of the “civil” man so he can blend almost seamlessly into the existing fabric of men and their cities


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