Tag: Deity


  • Wise Wolf

    A nature deity that appears to eskew worship in any way. However, that does not stop various tribes nearby in the Sea of Green from doing so. Those who trespass upon its glade are required to answer a riddle in order to be allowed safe passage.

  • Roose

    All is known about Roose is that he helped send back his brother December to the Infernal plane. Whether he did this out of malice or love is unknown. His reasoning was that it would break a truce between the Divines and Damned.

  • December

    The first Damned to be pacified during the war. Dwarven fire priests managed to trick the deity into falling into a rift between realms. The priests closed the portal around his arm trapping him with no way of affecting anyone on either plane. …

  • Phoenix

    Known as the bestower of the knowledge of fire. Phoenix is also known as a patron of smiths, jewellers, and arsonists. During the war it is said she scorched the skies to protect the land from [[:december | December]].

  • Lust

    The Queen of the Succubi and Incubi, it is said that long ago she tempted the heart of [[:sol | Sol]]’s lover only to place a dagger in his heart.