Brood of the Dragon


Dedicated to the worship of The Dragon. The Brood is more or less a cult with various races accepted among its ranks.


  • High Priestess – A woman with one side of her charred black, she acts as the mortal vessel of The Dragon’s will.
  • Ice Knight – Paladins who decide to swear oaths with the Dragon shed their mortal coil and become undead knights.
  • Frost Mage – Mages who prove themselves capable Cryomancers to the Dragon.
  • Dragonborn – Those few devout who prove themselves far and above the others. A ritual is performed that changes their form to that which mimics their deity. They are the highest military rank within the Brood short of the Dragon and Priestess.
  • Militia – Standard soldiers who have joined the Brood.
  • Clerics of Tempest – Standard Worshippers of the Dragon. They are tasked with spreading the Brood’s message across the land.

Brood of the Dragon

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