Edge of Frontier

Locations of Interest

The Sleeping Dragon – The inn owned by Sylvia Winterbreath, the only elf in the village and she knows it. Few people get on her bad side, might have something to do with the greatsword she keeps behind the counter.

Chester Farms – The premier farmers in the area, raise everything from sheep to cattle.

The Drunken Dragon – The local pub which happens to share its foundation with the Inn. Grakk spends a lot of time as the bartender, listening to people’s problems and fixing them up later as the leader of the village. Bards are regularly hired to play if they pass through, though if they can’t get one, drunken patrons fit the bill.

First Tower – Legend states that the village of Malifark’s guard tower is all that remains of the defensive wall the Divines fought from when the Damned first arrived. But now it is mostly used in case of orc or goblin attacks.

Toad’s Stool – The apothecary in town, where most people prefer to buy food in the market. Toad’s Stool is the best place to find potion and tonics. All created by Toad a rather crotchety old geezer with a pension to try and sell potions you didn’t even know you needed.


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