The Divines have had control of Celestine for the last thousand years. Many sects of religion praise them as the saviors of mortal-kind.

Sol, Divine of the Searing Light

Known to be the patron of Paladins and enemy to undead, as well as Divine of the sun. She is said to radiate with a holy light that can pierce any darkness.

As per life domain.

Thanatos,Divine of the Final Journey

Known as guide to those those who die, Thanatos makes sure that the souls of the dead reach their proper Divine. Those who do not follow a particular Divine fall under his domain. Those who follow the Damned are said to be left to wander existence as aimless souls.

Channel Divinity: Journey of Death
All undead ignore spellcaster’s and those within 15 ft of the spellcaster’s. For ten minutes.

Phoenix, Divine of the Searing Flame

Known as the gifter of the knowledge of fire. Phoenix is also known as a patron of smiths, jewellers, and arsonists. During the war it is said she scorched the skies to protect the land from December.

Channel Divinity: fire starter
All enemy targets within 30ft must make a wisdom saving throw against spellcaster’s save DC or be set on fire. Each turn a target on fire takes 1d4 fire damage and then must make a ded saving throw to see if the fire dies.

Shade, Divine of the Order of Shadow

Known as the patron of Assassins and Thieves. As well as the Divine of the moon. Keeper of secrets, Shade has never been seen and all depictions have a variety of different interpretations. Its not even known if they are a man or woman.

Channel Divinity: Like a shadow
Once per day the spellcaster’s gains advantage when hiding in darkness. Even against those with night vision.

Aquarius, Divine of the Endless Waters

Known as the patron of fishermen and pirates a-like. He protects those who respect the seas and dooms those who underestimate it. It is said he knows every current and every wind.

Channel Divinity: Healing Spring
Once per day the spellcaster can summon a waterspout that heals those who drink from it completely of any non-magical disease.


Banished since the original war a thousand years ago. The Damned were believed to be locked away forever. Until the barriers between the planes opened.

December, Damned of Ice and Winter

The first Damned to be pacified during the war. Dwarven fire priests managed to trick the deity into falling into a rift between realms. The priests closed the portal around his arm trapping him with no way of affecting anyone on either plane. Released by a combination of the barriers breaking and foolish mortal interference, killing Cato Zabat and many Paladins in the process. When he returned to the Infernal plane Claudius wished December would be unable to harm any mortal.

Lust, Damned of Desire.

The queen of the Succubi and Incubi, it is said that long ago she tempted the heart of Sol’s lover only to place a dagger in his heart.

The Magus, Damned of the Arcane

Magus is known as the Patron of those who seek power and harbinger of destruction. Said to whisper into the ears of aspiring mages to covet more power.


Several deities have appeared in the world that have had no record on either side of the conflict. Though many Divines and Damned carry multiple titles and use aliases when appearing before mortal men.

Gaia, The Mother of Nature.

Long ago it is believed Gaia birthed the Celestine as well as both the Divines and the Damned. Myth would have us believe she died while birthing them all.

The Wise Wolf

A nature deity that appears to eskew worship in any way. Those who trespass upon its glade are required to answer a riddle in order to be allowed safe passage.


All is known about Roose is that he helped send back his brother December to the Infernal plane. Whether he did this out of malice or love is unknown. His reasoning was that it would break a truce between the Divines and Damned.


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